Why artist coaching?


A coach can be supporting during your whole career but this depends on your needs and the stadium your in as an artist.

  • Do you have questions regarding the music scene?
  • Are you in need of a neutral sparring partner?
  • Are you looking for advice during your career in the music scene?
  • Are you looking for a healthy balance between your business and personal life?
  • I’m here for you and will guide you along the way.

I can help you with this!


It’s comforting to have a neutral sounding board during you career who is on your side. My opinion as a coach is neutral because I have no interest in the financial welfare of the artist in contrast with other parties that are connected with you as an artist.


artist coach joeysuki“It’s important to have a neutral and independent person in your team. I’m here for you!”



The most important thing for me as that you feel good and can reach the maximum level of your abilities and your happiness. It’s important that you have a good feeling with (new) challenges and you feel comfortable with this.

Got interested in coaching or do you have a question? Contact me!