About Me


From international DJ and producer to artist coach

  • More then 10 years of experience in the international music industry
  • International network of artists, music labels, management- and booking offices
  • Allround knowledge of the music scene

Find out what I can do for you as an artist coach!


When I started my career as a DJ/Producer I could not have imagined how things would have gone from there. There have been so many amazing and heavy moments along the way that I can’t name them all. I’ve wrote down some of the thoughts that went thru my head at that particular moments, i’ve put them all in chronic order. Have a look into the life of a full-time international DJ and producer underneath.


I’m 15 years old, music is my passion and I have a dream. I’m gonna conquer the world, play gigs all over the world and some day I want to be on #1 in the Beatport Top 100. I am already making some money with small parties from friends or family but I want more then this.


I’m 25 years old, music is my passion and i’m living the dream. The world is at my feet, i’m playing gigs all over the world. This year I made my debut at festivals like Tomorrowland and Creamfields. I made a track with Hardwell, the #1 DJ of the world. I’ve made the Beatport Top 100 several times and I’m producing remixes for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. I’m on #1 in the American Bill Board Chart and i’m releasing music on worlds biggest labels, just got back from a tour in America and i’m leaving for mini tour in India next month. Let’s do this!


I’m 27 years old, music is my passion and i’ve lived my dream. I’ve played everywhere on the world and i’ve seen it all. My network is huge and spreaded all over the world. But i’m done with it, I don’t want to be in the spotlight any more. I wanna go back to 2004, I want to live for a purpose again. I want to play music because I like it and not because ‘I have to’. I quite!


This is what i’ve been through in a nutshell, in the past 12 years. Besides all highs there have definitely been some lows. I wasn’t home for Christmas or new years eve and when my friends went our for a night of partying, I was on the road towards another gig, somewhere in the world. Most of the time on my own.

I’ve spent hours/days/months on a track, send it to a label and then got rejected because it wasn’t good enough. I’ve released music that I wasn’t 100% sure of but I did release it because the label was famous. I’ve played in clubs for 10 people, sometimes even for no one. Slept in beautiful hotels but was alone at the breakfast table. And then I found out that this wasn’t the reason why I ever started this.

Looking back to the past I can say that I don’t regret any of the choices i’ve made. I could have done a few things differently but hey, thats talking afterwards. What if I can turn ‘afterwards’ into ‘beforehand’, that would save me a lot of time and money. That’s the reason why I started with artist coaching. I want to help you!