Artist Coaching Podcast


After being a professional DJ and producer for ten years I decided to make a big change in my life and become an artist coach. I’ve been working as a artist coach for almost a year now and if there’s one thing i’ve learned is that there are a lot of young artists who need help in their career. Thats why I started this podcast.

So… if you are a DJ / producer and want to know more about the industry? Be sure to click on the play button and learn!

From now on I will start uploading podcast episodes including need-to-know things from the music industry, interviews with people from the music business and music that I like at this moment.

Just a tip.


#todayisthedaythati lost my phone back up and it made me realise how frustrating it is if you lose something that is important to you, that is why i’m writing this to you now.


Wait I’ll say it again, just to be sure you got the message.


Here’s why:

This especially goes out to all professionals who are reading this. If your job depends on technology you should definitely make sure that you have back ups of your system. You never know if you ever need that old project. When I’m talking to the producers out there. Don’t underestimate the power of you own soundbank. This is what made you as an artist. Those sounds made your signature sound, think about what happens if you loose it! And what if your track becomes a hit six months later and you don’t have the file to render the remix parts 😉 bummer!

Besides work related files it’s also a bitch if you lose personal photos or movies that are precious to you. Like me for instance, that would be my old touring photos. Those images are priceless to me! It will always remind me of the great time I had as a world touring DJ. (and yes i’m looking forward showing this footage my grandchildren)

Better be safe, than sorry!

Make back ups and don’t make me say “I told you so” when it’s too late.

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It’s been a while since I’ve been on a holiday. Especially when it comes down to doing absolutely nothing. I’ve been on several city trips in the last few months but going to a sunny island and just lay down for a few days? No, that has been ages!

I’ve traveled a lot as an artist and I know this looks like a holiday from the outside on Instagram but believe me, it isn’t. Even though you have your spare time, it still doesn’t feel like a holiday. In some kind of way your always busy in your head making the next step or dealing with things that are going on in your company at the moment. A remix that needs to be finished, a cool gig that needs to be confirmed, your new press photos, your next tour, what to do with your agency? etc. etc.

I just came back from a ten day holiday in Aruba last week and I must say that it felt lovely! Ten days of doing absolutely nothing, laying down next to the pool or at the beach, drinking beers and wine and having the best food on the island. During this holiday a lot of things became clear to me. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from your ‘normal’ life and escape into your fantasy world. You’ll appreciate things more when you come back, well at least I do.

I always hear people say that they ‘are not able to sit still for more then an hour’ heck, i’ve been one of them for years. But to all those people out there; give it a try! Book yourself a ticket to a sunny island and leave your laptop and smartphone at home. Your world will be rocked.


Not many people will know this but during my career I also produced under different alias names. One of those names is IKUS (Suki backwards 😉 )
With this project I wanted to create the more deeper styles of music. After making house music for a couple of years I was looking for something new. Something to get the creativity running again!
The story behind this track starts with an email. Ghaderi sended me a song with this vocals on it and I fell in love immediately! The instrumental part just didn’t fit in my opinion so thats why I offered him to make a collaboration out of this.
I honestly think this is one of my best productions ever made and the funny thing is: it’s also the only track I still listen on a regular base. I normally don’t listen to my own music haha.
Spreading my horizon musically always helped me staying creative. If your having a writers block right now, I hope you find this tip helpful, if not.. You may need this somewhere in your future 😉
Now it’s time to let the music speak. Enjoy!

One to watch


#todayisthedaythati watched a vlog episode of Headhunterz.

I’m not gonna spoil what happends so I recommend you to WATCH it. 

The only thing I wanna say is I respect him for sharing this with the world and hopefully you’ll learn something out of it.

Never underestimate the power of your brain and body and never forget to listen to it. 

Comfort Zone


One of the first things that I said to my shrink was: “i’m not allowed to complain about my job”. She told me that wasn’t the truth, at all.

Why wasn’t I allowed to complain about my job when everybody else was?

I always had the feeling that I wasn’t allowed to complain about my job. I had a job that some else could only dream about. But after a few years I found out that someone else’s dream job, wasn’t my dream job. Of course I was allowed to complain when things weren’t going as planned or when I just wasn’t looking forward to work again, that’s what everybody else is doing right? That thought opened my eyes.

With all social media that’s here nowadays it’s getting really hard to define whats the truth and what has been staged. The only thing you see is that one picture, that one moment. But there are a lot more hours before and after that one specific moment which you don’t see. I have scoured my own Instagram account, looking for pictures during my career and i’ve seen multiple photos of me laughing and looking happy, while looking back I know I wasn’t happy at all. Because being a DJ and traveling was my job I wanted to let the world know I was happy with this (even though I wasn’t). Nobody wants to see a guy posting photos of him begin unhappy with his life so it’s kind of logical that this kind of posting your positive content online is the only way to go. That’s the way the world works nowadays. That doesn’t mean that all content you see online is the truth!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is really hard but it will take you to beautiful places

The fact that you have a job that is someone else’s dream job, doesn’t mean that it’s your dream job. Always check if your still happy with the position your in at this moment or do you want to change position?

Keep moving, keep challenging yourself and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

Brace yourself: ADE is coming!


It’s that time of the year again! In the daytime we work on our careers and are trying to generate new business for ourselves and at night… We go from party to party! One week filled with music, party and networking.

DJ’s, producers, promoters, bookers, managers, publishers, labelmanagers (and all the other people I forgot) who will attend at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this year. Don’t forget that this week is all about the music and creating new business opportunities. Of course it’s awesome to have your night schedule filled with the best parties and the best line ups but in the morning, theres the alarm again. Let’s go! Breakfast and on your way to the Felix Meritis.

To all DJ’s: During my coaching sessions I noticed that most of the artists have a lot of questions about how to get your own music to the people who need to have it in the music scene. ADE is the perfect event for this! You can buy a pass for the event (it’s a little bit expensive for a starting artist) or make sure that your in front of the Felix Meritis, just like 300 other people from the industry who are there for the exact same reason as you are. Expanding your network and making progress in your career. Talk to some people and maybe you’ll get yourself a new record deal/booking/collaboration. The big plus about the ADE is that all the people from the industry are on one spot at the same time. That makes things pretty easy for you as an artist to get to the people you need to get to. Never forget that a real-life conversation is always better then an email.

So, my tip: visit the ADE this year! Buy a pass and visit one of the many seminars or if this doesn’t fit into your budget, just go and hang out in front of the Felix Meritis. We might see eachother there!