You constantly need to stay sharp as an artist to stay up to date about the current way of working. Social media platforms come and go, music changes in a high tempo and there’s a surplus to booking- and management offices who would love to make money on you. Because of all these factors it becomes difficult to keep a clear overview of your career and and to keep on to the right course for your future.

  • How do I profile myself myself as an artist?
  • Why do I need a booking- or management office?
  • How do I live from making music?

Are you walking around with a lot of questions for quite some time now or are you looking for someone who knows how the music industry works? I can help you!


Consultancy for artists

As a artist, a lot of things wil come onto your path that may not be as easy or clear as you think. You can get jammed because of this, while, most of the time, it’s easy to get rid of these bumps.

By taking a consultancy meeting we can take care of a lot of things on a simple, fast an easy way. Questions that looked impossible to answer will be answered in no-time, so you can continue with what you love the most, music!

Are you interested in a clarifying talk? Contact me!

Consultancy for parents

Your child has a dream, becoming an artist! Being a parent, you wish all the best for your child and you want to support him or her wherever they need it but this isn’t always as easy as we think.

  • Is there a stable future in the music industry for my child?
  • In what kind of world is my child ending up?
  • What can I expect?

There are a lot of questions going through your head when it comes down to a artist career for your child. Questions I can help you with finding the answer!