Just a tip.


#todayisthedaythati lost my phone back up and it made me realise how frustrating it is if you lose something that is important to you, that is why i’m writing this to you now.


Wait I’ll say it again, just to be sure you got the message.


Here’s why:

This especially goes out to all professionals who are reading this. If your job depends on technology you should definitely make sure that you have back ups of your system. You never know if you ever need that old project. When I’m talking to the producers out there. Don’t underestimate the power of you own soundbank. This is what made you as an artist. Those sounds made your signature sound, think about what happens if you loose it! And what if your track becomes a hit six months later and you don’t have the file to render the remix parts 😉 bummer!

Besides work related files it’s also a bitch if you lose personal photos or movies that are precious to you. Like me for instance, that would be my old touring photos. Those images are priceless to me! It will always remind me of the great time I had as a world touring DJ. (and yes i’m looking forward showing this footage my grandchildren)

Better be safe, than sorry!

Make back ups and don’t make me say “I told you so” when it’s too late.

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