It’s been a while since I’ve been on a holiday. Especially when it comes down to doing absolutely nothing. I’ve been on several city trips in the last few months but going to a sunny island and just lay down for a few days? No, that has been ages!

I’ve traveled a lot as an artist and I know this looks like a holiday from the outside on Instagram but believe me, it isn’t. Even though you have your spare time, it still doesn’t feel like a holiday. In some kind of way your always busy in your head making the next step or dealing with things that are going on in your company at the moment. A remix that needs to be finished, a cool gig that needs to be confirmed, your new press photos, your next tour, what to do with your agency? etc. etc.

I just came back from a ten day holiday in Aruba last week and I must say that it felt lovely! Ten days of doing absolutely nothing, laying down next to the pool or at the beach, drinking beers and wine and having the best food on the island. During this holiday a lot of things became clear to me. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from your ‘normal’ life and escape into your fantasy world. You’ll appreciate things more when you come back, well at least I do.

I always hear people say that they ‘are not able to sit still for more then an hour’ heck, i’ve been one of them for years. But to all those people out there; give it a try! Book yourself a ticket to a sunny island and leave your laptop and smartphone at home. Your world will be rocked.

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