Not many people will know this but during my career I also produced under different alias names. One of those names is IKUS (Suki backwards 😉 )
With this project I wanted to create the more deeper styles of music. After making house music for a couple of years I was looking for something new. Something to get the creativity running again!
The story behind this track starts with an email. Ghaderi sended me a song with this vocals on it and I fell in love immediately! The instrumental part just didn’t fit in my opinion so thats why I offered him to make a collaboration out of this.
I honestly think this is one of my best productions ever made and the funny thing is: it’s also the only track I still listen on a regular base. I normally don’t listen to my own music haha.
Spreading my horizon musically always helped me staying creative. If your having a writers block right now, I hope you find this tip helpful, if not.. You may need this somewhere in your future 😉
Now it’s time to let the music speak. Enjoy!

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