Comfort Zone


One of the first things that I said to my shrink was: “i’m not allowed to complain about my job”. She told me that wasn’t the truth, at all.

Why wasn’t I allowed to complain about my job when everybody else was?

I always had the feeling that I wasn’t allowed to complain about my job. I had a job that some else could only dream about. But after a few years I found out that someone else’s dream job, wasn’t my dream job. Of course I was allowed to complain when things weren’t going as planned or when I just wasn’t looking forward to work again, that’s what everybody else is doing right? That thought opened my eyes.

With all social media that’s here nowadays it’s getting really hard to define whats the truth and what has been staged. The only thing you see is that one picture, that one moment. But there are a lot more hours before and after that one specific moment which you don’t see. I have scoured my own Instagram account, looking for pictures during my career and i’ve seen multiple photos of me laughing and looking happy, while looking back I know I wasn’t happy at all. Because being a DJ and traveling was my job I wanted to let the world know I was happy with this (even though I wasn’t). Nobody wants to see a guy posting photos of him begin unhappy with his life so it’s kind of logical that this kind of posting your positive content online is the only way to go. That’s the way the world works nowadays. That doesn’t mean that all content you see online is the truth!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is really hard but it will take you to beautiful places

The fact that you have a job that is someone else’s dream job, doesn’t mean that it’s your dream job. Always check if your still happy with the position your in at this moment or do you want to change position?

Keep moving, keep challenging yourself and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

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