Brace yourself: ADE is coming!


It’s that time of the year again! In the daytime we work on our careers and are trying to generate new business for ourselves and at night… We go from party to party! One week filled with music, party and networking.

DJ’s, producers, promoters, bookers, managers, publishers, labelmanagers (and all the other people I forgot) who will attend at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this year. Don’t forget that this week is all about the music and creating new business opportunities. Of course it’s awesome to have your night schedule filled with the best parties and the best line ups but in the morning, theres the alarm again. Let’s go! Breakfast and on your way to the Felix Meritis.

To all DJ’s: During my coaching sessions I noticed that most of the artists have a lot of questions about how to get your own music to the people who need to have it in the music scene. ADE is the perfect event for this! You can buy a pass for the event (it’s a little bit expensive for a starting artist) or make sure that your in front of the Felix Meritis, just like 300 other people from the industry who are there for the exact same reason as you are. Expanding your network and making progress in your career. Talk to some people and maybe you’ll get yourself a new record deal/booking/collaboration. The big plus about the ADE is that all the people from the industry are on one spot at the same time. That makes things pretty easy for you as an artist to get to the people you need to get to. Never forget that a real-life conversation is always better then an email.

So, my tip: visit the ADE this year! Buy a pass and visit one of the many seminars or if this doesn’t fit into your budget, just go and hang out in front of the Felix Meritis. We might see eachother there!

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