My First Festival


Last week I visited my first weekender festival named Lowlands! Throughout the years my friends asked me several times to join them on their trip to one of the many festivals in Holland but somehow I always had reason not to go with them. Now that I quited music, my weekends in the summer are much more quiet then before so I thought it would be a good idea to expose myself to this thing called a festival..

What I noticed is that the atmosphere at the festival was sooo relaxed! Everybody is happy, having a good time with each other and most of them are just there to have great weekend with there friends. Some people come for the music, other people really don’t. This time I was one of the people that weren’t there for the music but I really enjoyed myself by learning new styles of music and discovering new acts/bands/dj’s. The funny thing is that I really got inspired by everything! New music makes you think different about your own music.

Staying on the camping and sharing a shower with 50.000 other people wasn’t that bad at all. Everything was clean, there was warm water and there was enough quality food (that’s something that is really important to me).

It does make you think when you’ve visited several festivals in your life all over the world as an artist but when you think about it.. You actually don’t really have an idea of how someone in the crowd feels on that very exact same moment. When I had to DJ at a festival I arrived, they brought me to my stage, I had a drink, played my set, maybe stayed for another drink and then I went home. But for someone who is in front of the stage, that exact same moment is completely different! They’re there for a few days and are experiencing some kind of ‘festival vibe’. They experience your set in a completely different way then you do at that exact same moment.

Of course.. I should have done this way before but I’ve always had enough reasons not to go. Now I realise how much fun it is, how the other side of the stage looks like en how it’s being experienced by the crowd. Something that is quite handy to know as an artist in my opinion..

My tip: Go to a festival and experience it in a way your fans experience it. It will bring you to many different insights, you will be agitated by loads of positive energy and will get creativity in return. If this aren’t enough reasons to go, you will always have an unforgettable weekend with friends. That’s something money can’t buy!

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