Back In Time


I still remember the day that I turned 16 like it was the day before yesterday. That was the day that I was allowed to officially go out. No Fake ID’s or sleep-overs at friends but entering the club like a real adult. That’s is almost 12 years ago.

One of the things that I noticed back then was that when it came down to the music, there were only two choices:

  • R&B / HipHop / Top40 all combined into one hit mix
  • House

You had the student bars which played literally every track you’ve ever heard on the radio and if they hadn’t play your song yet, you could request it.. And you had clubs where the DJ’s put in all they’re effort to play the tracks you’ve never heard before.

That last one is the one that picked my interest. (not that weird looking back now..) I loved to go out and walk to the DJ ten times a night to ask which track he played because yes my dear friends… Shazam wasn’t invented yet and I didn’t had a smartphone either so I had to write down all the tracks on a coaster. The day after was all about finding those tracks on Soulseek and praying they were already online. I can still remember the first time I heard Fedde Le Grand’s remix of Ida Corr’s Let Me Think About It. Damn… I searched the world for that track! The fun part about that is when you finally find the song, your day couldn’t go wrong and you would play that particular song on repeat for the next 30 days.

When my own career started to go up I played in several clubs in Holland as well but during the start I already noticed that clubs were closing in a high tempo. Most of them went bankrupt..

I wonder with which thoughts and needs the youth is going out now. Times have changed.

Do they want to be surprised by the DJ with new music or do they only want to hear the tracks they already know?

If it’s up to me I would say that a night out with lots of new music to discover is the best way to go out! Every town needs at least one club in my opinion because I really think that each town has a enough music addicts like me to fill a club and who like to be surprised.



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