Burn Out


One question i’ve asked myself a hundred times in the last few years:

How can you get a burn out from doing something you love?

Well I found the answer.

As an artist you get to do a lot of amazing stuff. Especially when your career is going upwards and the coolest bookings, remix requests and tours are coming in. Of course it’s awesome to get to do all of these things but there’s one great danger and it has been my personal mistake too.

Learn to say NO.

It’s impossible to stay up 24/7, fly around the world, eat irregular, sleep irregular and adjust to different temperatures and cultures in just 1 or 2 days. Nobody will hold up in such a lifestyle. When your getting all of these great opportunities it’s important to plan your agenda carefully and pay attention to your physical and mental health. Take a few days off every now and then, If you expect the best from your body and brain, you also have to give it a rest sometimes. Try it, you’ll be impressed about how you feel.

Dance industry daddy Carl Cox just did an interview with Mixmag about ‘taking a step back’. He ended his residency at Space, Ibiza and decided to slow things down. “If I carry on, i’m going to burn out”. read article here

If there’s one thing i’m sure of then it’s that the sentence underneath changed my life.

Save it, print it and put it above your bed.

The most beautiful thing of growing up is learning to say no.

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