To coach, or not to coach.


In my career as an artist I’ve had a lot of difficult decisions to make and if I knew then what I know now, it would have helped me a lot! That’s why I started helping people out as an artist coach with my years of experience in the music industry.

The thing is that this industry has a lot of young people working in it but they have to make adult decisions. That’s just impossible in my opinion. If you need to make adult decisions, you need someone with adult experiences to help you out.

During my career I’ve had several people around which could help me with these decisions. People like my parents and friends for example.. Of course these people only want the best for you and will always try to help you out but sometimes you need someone with the right knowledge and experience to get to the right answer. The music business is a complicated business and you have to know your way around it to understand it. As a young artist with a lot of decisions to make it’s easy to listen to people who might wanna ‘help you’. But always keep in mind that most of those people have an interest in your financial situation. It’s best to have a person next to you who’s neutral on every point. That’s where the artist coach comes in. 

I noticed that a lot of people have a vague idea of coaching but in real life it’s actually just a person who helps you making difficult decisions along the way and makes long term plans which are the best for you.

Not for your management, not for your booker, the best for you!

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