10 tips to beat your writers block


We’ve all been there and probably more then once… You can’t wait to get to the studio, start your computer, open up your DAW and there it is… NOTHING! Everything you do feels like you’ve done it before or already has been done by someone else and what about that deadline you have scheduled tomorrow?

These 10 tips helped me throughout my career to get rid of my writers block, stay creative and be productive in the studio. Find out which one works best for you!


Take some time off and go outside! Enjoy the beautiful things in life, have a nice day with friends or family or just Netflix and chill. Sometimes your brain gets fried of being in the studio too long so a short break can really freshen things up!


Try to listen to music in the same genre as your working in at that moment. Listening to other productions can inspire you to create new things.


Pick one of your favorite tracks and try to reproduce this track. Try to reproduce all the sounds. During this proces you learn a lot about mixing technics other producers use or you find out new ways of making synths. Everything you learn can be a trigger for new inspiration.


I know it’s hard to stay productive when your last 10 projects ended up in the trash folder but sometimes it works to just keep on making music. Even the smallest detail you may find during the proces of music production can help you find back your inspiration.


After using the same samples for months it might be a good idea to freshen things up. Get yourself some new sample packs, spent a day or two to creating new sounds in your plugins and you will notice that inspiration is around the corner.


During my career I noticed that knowledge about mixing and mastering started to block my creativity in some kind of way. I stopt trying things without even thinking about it but sometimes those things lead to the best ideas. It doesn’t matter how high your threshold can or can’t be on that compressor, if it sounds good for you it’s OK. So forget about the rules and be creative!


If you have to budget for some new studio gear, buy it! Spent some time online or go to a music store to learn about new hard- or software for your studio. Twisting buttons is one of the best ways to get the creativity flowing.


Another view, another opinion, another taste… This wil definitely help you to get things back on track and the best part is: if the result of a collaboration is great, you’ve got yourself a new release!


After producing house music for 5 years it might get a little boring some times. Try to create something different like Hip Hop or Pop music. It’s good to push your boundaries!

10. PARTY!

Your making music that is meant to be for clubs and festivals. It’s hard to imagine what someone feels on a dance floor when they hear your track. The vibe, the weather, the sound… it’s all pretty different from your 5 square meter studio. Go out and visit a festival to experience it yourself! You can use this experience while your working on your new track!




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